IRRI Rice Quality Assessment Kit

We are currently in the process of outsourcing the IRRI Grain Quality Assessment Kit because as a non-profit institution IRRI is not allowed to sell items in large numbers. The process in ongoing and should be completed within 2019. You can then get information about availability, shipping and prices from our collaborator GrainPro Inc. Philippines.

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  • Better understand the different aspects of grain quality
  • Make better decisions in post harvest management



Quality is not always easy to define as it depends on the consumer and the intended end-use for the grain. All end-users want the best quality that they can afford. Lately, the demand by the consumer for better quality rice has increased, countries like Cambodia and Myanmar are trying to become major rice exporters and consequently there is a lot of pressure on producers and processors to produce better quality rice. The first step is to understand better the rice quality traits and the factors in rice production and processing which affect those quality traits. The next step is to enable farmers and processors to quantify rice quality so that they can identify problems and make the neccessary adjustments to minimize quality loss along the rice value chain. The IRRI Rice Quality Assessment Kit consists of a set of various tools that help measuring one or several paddy, milled rice or seed quality traits. It is intended to be used in postharvest and other quality related training courses but several of the kits have already been purchased by millers and other value chain actors to help them in their daily tasks too.

Quality traits that can be measured using the Quality Kit

The IRRI Quality Kit can be used to quantify the following quality traits either by direct measurement or by calculation.

Direct Measurement Visual Checks Calculated Parameters
Grain length, width
1000 grain weight
Sample weights < 250g
Volume < 100ml
Whole and broken grains
Grain moisture content
Grain temperature
Air temperature
Air relative humidity
Insects, cracks, damage
Estimated milling degree
Length/width ratio
Seed lot purity
Milling recovery
Head rice recovery
Milling degree
Insect infestation
Save storage conditions
Drying air properties
Equilibrium moisture content
Drying air temperature

Components of the Quality Kit

The Quality Kit consists of the components listed below. Please note that IRRI compiles the kits from tools that are partly manufactured to the specifications of IRRI and partly sourced in the markets. Depending on the suppliers the tools can look different than they appear on photos but they will perform similarly.

  • Graduated Cylinder (Flask): The cylinder is calibrated and is easy-to-read, raised graduation allows precise measuring of the volume of grain samples.
  • Scale: The mini scale weighs samples in different modes: grams, ounces, troy ounces and penny weights. It can weigh a maximum of 250g.
  • Caliper: Used to measure the length and width of the grain.
  • Infrared Thermometer: The non-contact thermometer can be used for monitoring grain temperature in rice milling and drying.
  • IRRI Moisture Tester: The affordable decision making, tells you whether your paddy needs drying, can be stored safely before milling or as seed.
  • Indented Sheet Grader: Used to separate the broken rice (large & small) from the whole kernel.
  • Magnifier: Double the size of the item being viewed. Used for observing cracks and insects in the grain.
  • Rice Milling Chart: Indicates the level of polishing of white rice. It ranges from 8-14% with 10-12% the preferred range.
  • Documentation and Tables: Contains printed users' manual and training video. EMC table and psychometric charts, and many other tools allow you to measure air properties and determine safe drying and storage conditions.