Hermetic storage systems

postharvest-storage-superbag-farmersSealed or hermetic storage systems are a very effective means of controlling grain moisture content and insect activity for grain stored in tropical regions.

By placing an airtight barrier between the grain and the outside atmosphere the moisture content of the stored grain will remain the same as when the storage was sealed. Biological activity inside the sealed container will consume the oxygen and as a result most insects will die. Hermetic storage provides moisture and insect control without pesticides.

In hermetically sealed storage systems grains are placed inside an airtight container, which stops oxygen and water movement between the outside atmosphere and the stored grain.

Types of hermetic storage systems

A hermetic storage system can be made from specially designed PVC containers such as:

  • Cocoon™- commercially available
  • the GrainSafe™
  • the smaller 50kg IRRI Super bags - available to farmers and processors at low cost
  • locally available containers - useful in rural settings, where local containers can be easily converted into hermetic storage systems

The size of hermetic storages can range from 3 liters to 2,000 tons. They can be used for paddy, brown rice, and other cereal crops such as maize and also coffee. Larger hermetic systems have also been used with milled rice.