Ludwigia hyssopifolia

Ludwigia hyssopifolia is an erect herb with yellow flowers (IRRI).

Latin name

Ludwigia hyssopifolia (G. Don) Exell



Common name

Seedbox, linear leaf water primrose 


Jussiaea hyssopifolia G. Don (basionym); J. linifolia Vahl; Ludwigia micrantha (Kunze) Hara

Geographical distribution

Asia: China.

South and Southeast Asia: Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Rest of the world: Colombia, Congo-Kinshasa, Benin, Egypt, Ghana, Honduras, Iraq, New Guinea, Nigeria, Senegal, Sudan, Suriname, and West Polynesia.


An erect annual herb, 15−150 cm tall and minutely hairy during early stage of growth.

Stem: often 3-4 angled, green or purplish, and with white spongy pneumatophores arising from submerged roots.

Leaf: lance-shaped, petioled, and up to 9 cm long.

Inflorescence: solitary flowers, borne at axils of leaves; 4 yellow petals, elliptic, up to 3 mm long.

Fruit: finely hairy, almost cylindrical, 1.75−2.5 cm long capsule.

Biology and ecology

Widespread, growing in wet places, shallow pools and ditches, margins of canals and in lowland rice fields.

Can produce approximately 250,000 seeds per plant; seeds released gradually and they remain floating in water up to 16 days before they sink. Seeds do not germinate under submerged conditions or when buried in soil. Seeds germinate in temperatures of 10−40ºC.

Agricultural importance

Can be a serious rice weed on both clay-loam and clay soils; in lowland rice fields.


Cultural: hand weeding and tillage are common means of controlling this weed in rice.

Chemical control: MCPA and 2,4-D as postemergence treatments and also quinclorac + bensulfuron or molinate + 2,4-D.

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JLA Catindig, RT Lubigan, and D Johnson