Dry wind

What it does

Dry wind conditions cause burning effects on leaves, but have no definite yield impact. Its effect varies depending on the variety.

Why and where it occurs

The wind burn effect results from faster drying of the leaf tips than the water can provide. Thus the leaves essentially cook their tips as the plants cannot keep them cool enough.

crop-prob-mgt-dry-winds dry-winds-dried-leaf-tips

How to identify

When the problem is caused by dry winds, the plants look healthy except for their dead or necrotic upper tips of leaves. The pattern of damage is general across the field.

Its symptoms can be confused with diseases or nutrients that also dry leaf tips. To confirm the cause of problem, check the field and/or ask farmer about wind patterns and wind characteristics.

Its damage has no real effect on yield potential; thus, no significant economic effect.

Contributors: V Balasubramanian and M Bell