How to plant rice

Rice crops can either be direct seeded or transplanted. In direct seeding, seeds are sown directly in the field. While in transplanting, seedlings are first raised in seedbeds before they are planted in the field.

How to manage soil fertility

Soil fertility is essential for a rice plant to grow and develop normally. A number of crop problems can be related to nutrient imbalance in the field.

How to manage pests and diseases

Farmers lose an estimated average of 37% of their rice crop to pests and diseases every year. Timely and accurate diagnosis can reduce losses.

How to manage water

Rice is extremely sensitive to water shortages. Good management practices are critical to maximize water efficiency and yield.

How to control weeds

Control of weeds during land preparation is crucial to reduce the amount of weed pressure in the field. Loss of yield to weeds is the worst during 0–30/40 days after sowing or transplanting (DAS/DAT).