Health and safety precautions during harvesting

Operators of farm machinery can increase safety and avoid accidents by following these guidelines when using agricultural equipment:

  • Provide safety training before harvesting to create awareness for safety risks. Entanglement and caught and crush type of accidents are the most common types with harvesting equipment.
  • During harvesting ensure that the operators should wear tight clothing and secure their hair to avoid entanglement. Agree clear entanglement and emergency procedures.
  • Never clean, maintain, adjust or clear jams when the machine is on.
  • Stay clear of discharges, outlets, and all moving parts of the machine.
  • Make sure all guards like belt guards, pully guards etc. are in place.
  • Always read the operators manual of your machine and make yourself familiar with the safety risks.
  • If equipment breaks down make sure that it is properly repaired before it is used again. Improvisation is dangerous and might lead to failure of parts.