Field operations during fallow period

Initial land preparation begins after your last harvest or during fallow period. This is important for effective weed control and for enriching the soil. Generally, it will take 3−4 weeks to prepare the field before planting.

Clear the field


  • At dry field condition, apply glyphosate to kill weeds and for better field hygiene.
  • Irrigate the field 2−3 days after glyphosate application.
  • Maintain standing water at 2−3 cm level for about 3−7 days or until it is soft enough and suitable for an equipment to be used.
  • Plow or rotovate the field to incorporate stubbles and hasten decomposition.

Implements: Power tiller with attached moldboard plow, Hydrotiller, Rotovator

  • Flood the field. Keep it submerged for at least two weeks. Let the water drain naturally to allow volunteer seeds and weed seeds to germinate.

Depending on weed population and soil condition, another tillage operation can be done.