Fact sheets

The references contained in this section are fact sheets produced by the International Rice Research Institute. Each fact sheet is designed to provide quick answers to each of the categories displayed below.

Land preparation (2)

Ensure that the rice field is ready for planting - know more about land leveling and types of farm power

Planting (11)

Explore specific concerns on planting rice in both direct seeding and transplanting

Water management (3)

Find out ways on effective and efficient use of water and maximize rice yield

Nutrient management (31)

Learn about various nutrient deficiencies and toxicities on rice crops

Pests and diseases management (65)

Know more about pests and diseases that causes crop problems

Postproduction management (35)

Make sure harvest are appropriately handled during and after to ensure rice quality

Management of other crop problems (24)

Get information of other crop management problems in the rice field

Conducting training (5)

Facilitate trainings on farmers effectively with the right tools and the right information

Technology transfer methods (18)

Learn ways on how technology can be transfer from the experts down to farmers