Hybrid rice

A hybrid is the product of a cross between two genetically distinct rice parents. When the right parents are selected, the hybrid will have both greater vigor and yield than either of the parents

Machine transplanting

Discover how to use machines for more efficient rice transplanting

Manual transplanting

Learn the traditional and manual way of transplanting

Modified mat nursery

The modified mat nursery uses less land, can be installed closer to the house than traditional field nurseries, and uses less labor for both transporting seedling mats and replanting

Poor transplanting

Poor transplanting

Poorly transplanted plants have inadequate plant stand

Reduced area wet-bed nursery

Get to know how to maximize space and at the same time produce healthy and robust seedlings

Replanted areas

Replanting may cause differences in maturity and may also result in direct losses with seed being lost due to shattering or lower head rice recovery at milling

Rice-fish systems

Rice-fish systems allow for the production of fish and other aquatic animals, as well as rice, from the same rice field area and generally without causing reductions in rice yields

Using a drum seeder to sow pre-germinated seed

Know about the 8 easy steps on how to use a drum seeder

Variety selection

Find out information about variety considerations, management considerations and how to evaluate new varieties

Wet direct seeding

Reduce labor cost for crop establishment using wet direct seeding