Checklist for preparing a class

Training room checklist

Five sq m for each participant
Comfortable temperature and adequate light
Free from distracting sounds and sights
Adequate catering (e.g., water, tea, snacks)
Adequate electrical sockets and leads
Adequate wall space for displays
Access to fire exits
Adequate break out rooms if required for smaller group discussion
Chairs and desks to suit the teaching style


Support devices

Check materials can be read from the back of the class.
Position devices and screens for maximum visibility from all parts of the room
  Flip charts
  Ensure enough charts, pens and paper are available
  Have at least two dark colors and light colored paper
  Check markers are working
  White boards
  Clean off unnecessary previous writing
  Check pens are for whiteboard use
  Keep whiteboard pens separated from permanent
    marker pens
  Have board cleaners
  Cards and pin boards
  Adequate cards of light color (minimum size: 10 cm x 15 cm)
  Adequate marker pens of at least 2 dark colors that show up clearly on cards from a distance (e.g. back of the class)
  Pins and/ or tape
  Large sheets of paper to tape card on (Tape cards onto paper if wall unsuitable - or to capture sessions output)
  Computer and multimedia projectors
  Check functional and that you know how to switch on and off the projector and how to link the computer to the projector
   Ensure room lights can be dimmed and slides visible
  Check focus and visibility from back of class
Prepared with input from A Atkinson, M Bell, D Shires, Luka 0. Abe, Paul Marcotte, Robert Raab: ISNAR Training Guidelines 1990, Madeline B. Quiamco