Heated air drying

postharvest-lowcost-dryerCompared with traditional sun drying, heated air drying or mechanical drying allows for suitable drying air conditions to be set. In this method, drying can be carried out any time of the day or night.

Using mechanical dryers may also reduce the labor costs, especially if some form of mechanical turning or stirring of grain is practiced, as in the case of re-circulating dryers. Grain re-circulation allows to uniformly dry grains, and the automatic drying air temperature control to maximize the drying rate and at the same time reduce over-heating or over-drying. The following are options for heated air drying:

In general, mechanically dried grains will produce better quality rice compared to traditional sun drying. It will lead to more uniform drying of grain and higher milling yield and head rice recovery. 

Since rice quality is becoming more important to rice consumers, medium-sized grain dryers have become a common sight throughout Asia. For production of premium quality rice or seed, mechanical drying with heated air dryers is highly recommended.

Table: Overview of commercially available dryers