Energy options for rice drying

Explore the different energy options in rice drying and choose the most appropriate source to reduce drying cost.

Fixed-bed batch dryer

Fixed-bed batch dryers are affordable but efficient to use. Know more about the different types and their technical specifications.

Heated air drying and low-temperature drying

Learn about the two drying techniques that employ different drying principles.

How to use a dryer

Avoid extended drying time due to inefficient air delivery caused by a faulty dryer. Know more about how to properly use a dryer.

Options for "Heated air drying"

Know the different options for heated air drying and their advantages as compared to sun drying.

Paddy drying systems

Learn how different paddy drying systems help to avoid reduced milling yields caused by high temperatures and re-wetting of grains.

Re-circulating batch dryer

Know more about re-circulating batch dryers— its advantages, principles, types, and components.

Rice husk furnace for grain dryer

Rice husk is cheap and lowers drying cost, thus making mechanical drying competitive. Find out more about using rice husk as furnace for grain dryers.

Sun drying

Learn more about the proper and traditional method of reducing the moisture content of paddy by spreading the grains under the sun.

Troubleshooting a flat-bed dryer

Learn how to solve the problems in drying operations— discover the causes and remedies to a flat-bed dryer malfunction.

Vietnamese flat-bed dryers SGH4 and SGH8

Know more about the Vietnamese flat-bed dryers, SGH4 and SGH8 that have simple designs ensuring easy maintenance and repair.

Vietnamese low cost SRR dryer

Discover the SRR dryer— the only rice dryer that has gained acceptance as a farm-level dryer.